Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19
DigiAnalogTechnology Corporation

To be recognized as the best IC development service company by delivering world-class IC design, IP, Design collateral and Test development services to our customers with the lowest cost, highest quality, shortest time to market, and best return on investment available.


We provide different types of services.

  • Silicon Services
  • Productization
  • Product Engineering and Test Services

Silicon Services

SoC/Analog Mixed Signal - TSMC, UMC, Global; 40nm – 0.18um ; G, LV, LP
HV- Vanguard; 0.5um UHV, 0.25um BCD
TowerJazz, Xfab 0.18um HV processes
3rd party processors, Interfaces & IP’s
Processors- ARM7/9, Cortex, MIPS, SynARC
Interfaces – USB, PCI-X, SPI, I2C
Memory – DDR2, DDR3, NAND, NOR Flash
Analog Mixed Signal - PLL, DLL, ADC, DAC, USB2.0 phy
Design Library – ARM, Synopsys(Virage), TSMC, UMC
Power Management
PMU, LED drivers, AC/DC
Packaging Complexity
Flip-Chip and Wirebond


DigiAnalog Technology's engineers use their broad range of expertise to take your product from design through production. Unlike a point service, our goal is to get you into volume production.
We have in-house expertise in:
Package development
Test hardware development
Test development for digital and mixed-signal devices
Broad range of tester platform expertise
Process and foundry engineering
Product engineering, including yield management
Logistics and supply chain management
Quality, reliability and failure analysis engineers
We have completed development for hundreds of devices in many different package types and many different test platforms such as Teradyne J750, Catalyst, Flex and Ultraflex, Verigy C400, P600, PinScale with AV8 and Portscale.
Our processes are fine-tuned to deliver first-time-right package performance, timely bring-up of test programs, product yield to meet expectations, and production at tier-one supply chain partners.

Product Engineering and Test Services

Design Characterization

We develop test fixtures and software packages to accurately characterize product performance. Parametric data is saved and viewed using our automated data analysis tools.

Manufacturing Test

We develop functional and systems test stations used to validate performance in a manufacturing environment. Yield and parametric measurement data is saved and viewed using our automated data analysis tools.

Service & Support

From software development to fixture design and assembly, we provide the support services that are necessary to maintain and extend existing test solutions.

Production and Characterization Test Program development

Test Hardware Design
Test Program Optimization
Test Time reduction
Multi-site testing
Reliability Screening
Test Program conversion