Monday, June 6, 2011     17:19
DigiAnalogTechnology Corporation

To be recognized as the best IC development service company by delivering world-class IC design, IP, Design collateral and Test development services to our customers with the lowest cost, highest quality, shortest time to market, and best return on investment available.

Expertise in Designs

  • Analog Design Expertise
  • Design Library and IP Development
  • Domain Expertise
  • Packaging Expertise

Designs Overview

Analog Design Expertise

- Design Expertise in Power Management
- Expertise in PLL, DLL, ADC and DAC
- PHY Design
- High Speed IO's
- LDO, Regulators
- Amplifiers
- Class-D Audio

Design Library

- Standard Cells & IO’s
- Embedded Memories : SRAM, DPRAM, ROM, RF & NVM
- Library characterizations: EDA views

Analog & Mixed-signal

- LDO, Regulators, PMU, LED drivers, AC/DC
- Amp, Class-D Audio

3rd party IP selection & qualification
Design Kit Development & Customization

- Technology Files : LVS, DRC, ERC, LVL
- Symbols & Pcells
- Spice Modeling
- Test Chip Design, test & characterization
Design Environment Integration

Domain Expertise
Process Technology

– SoC/Analog Mixed Signal- TSMC, UMC, Global; 40nm – 0.18um ; G, LV, LP
– HV- Vanguard; 0.5um UHV, 0.25um BCD
– TowerJazz, Xfab 0.18um HV processes

3rd party processors, Interfaces

– Processors- ARM7/9, Cortex, MIPS, SynARC
− Interfaces – USB, PCI-X, SPI, I2C
− Memory – DDR2, DDR3, NAND, NOR Flash
− Analog Mixed Signal - PLL, DLL, ADC, DAC, USB2.0 phy
− Design Library – ARM, Synopsys(Virage), TSMC, UMC

Power Management

- PMU, LED drivers, AC/DC

Packaging Complexity

− Flip-Chip and Wirebond

Deep Packaging Expertise

Packaging expertise at DigiAnalog Technology covers many disciplines. We take a holistic approach to package selection, identifying the solutions best suited for a given application. The considerations made at the very beginning of a project include the following: Signal count/type Signal integrity Power delivery Isolation/crosstalk Signal transition Electromagnetic interface (EMI) PCB routing options Space requirements Cost considerations Thermal considerations Volume vs. assembly source Reliability considerations Various FBGA Configurations

Signal Integrity Team

Our signal integrity team is not as an afterthought of the design process. Instead, signal integrity at the die, package and system levels is considered up front. Our team is a scalable extension of your own and we can either complement your own capabilities or add capabilities in complex electrical performance modeling. Rules of thumb may be a good starting point, but we do not rely on these to determine the outcome. Before a part is ever constructed, we can work with you to determine what services make the most sense for a given application and what needs to be done to overcome any performance concerns you may have. Our team can help indentify the right approach and provide the Touchstone or Wideband SPICE models you may need for your own system work or downstream customer requirements. We can also perform simulation work at the system level for your application bring-up board including a socket, connectors, external components and the device under test.

3D Model: Die, Package, Socket and PCB