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DigiAnalogTechnology Corporation

Provide Low Cost and High Quality ASIC Logic and Physical Design and Product Engineering consulting services to our customers. Services also include Board design, Firmware development, System and ASIC verification.


Design Services

Verification, Physical Design, Hardware Design
PDK verification
Resources Placements
Test and Product Engineering

Contractor and Full Time Resource Placement

Software, ASIC Design, Hardware Design Resources Placement
Linux and Datecenter support Expertise
FPGA Design and Verification

Area of Expertise

Design Services

Digital design from RTL to GDS DigiAnalog Technology Corporation is a technology services company focused on providing VLSI design and development and Hardware, Test, Reliabilty and FA services.In VLSI Design, we provide complete System-On-Chip (SOC) VLSI design services ranging from RTL design, functional verification, physical design, test vector development to ATE testing and product commercialization Analog design include RF, Power management To meet these design demands we have an experienced design team, innovative and expert circuit designers, sophisticated IC development and database verification tools

Design Libraries & IP Development

Standard cells, IO's/ESD solutions, Embedded memories, SRAM, ROM and NVM

Design Kit & Spice Modeling

Full PDK development services. Providing foundry-specific models,Symbols, Rule decks, and Parameterized Cells (PCells)

Test and Product Engineering

Test program development, Test time reduction, Reliability stressing